How to get the most out of your Statement Suit

I am going to start this post with a disclaimer: I LOVE suits. There are few things that make me feel more powerful and professional than walking out the door in a perfectly tailored suit. Having said that I can see why a suit isn’t everyone’s go-to outfit choice. When work functions are usually a sea of grey, black, and navy it is easy to feel that a suit doesn’t reflect your personal style or say what you want it to say about you. But this, my friends, is where a “Statement Suit" comes in.

A “Statement Suit”, is any suit that makes you stand out, even just a little. It may be in a bold pattern, or a bright colour, or fit in a really trendy way. It’s a suit that says “this is who I am, and I like it”, which I think we can all get behind. The only problem is that sometimes these suits are expensive and because they are so unique you feel like you can only wear them once or twice. WRONG!

There are so many ways to break up a “Statement Suit” in order to maximize the number of wears you get out of it. You can pair the blazer with jeans and a t-shirt, wear the pants with a knit sweater if you’re feeling casual or wear the skirt with a more subtle top and a blazer of a different colour. The possibilities are endless.

Hopefully the photos below provide you with some inspiration. For this post I chose one of my favourite “Statement Suits”:  a crepe silk, blush pink skirt suit that makes me feel just a little bit like Elle Woods every time I put it on.

Statement Suit Photo 3.jpg