Weekend Style Watch: One last look at Winter


Hello from Canada, where winter is six months long and people like me wait for daylight savings to begin the same way children wait for Christmas. I hate winter because I am always cold and I also get tired of wearing bulky sweaters day in and day out for weeks on end. This is what you could call a lose-lose situation. 


One of the few acceptable alternatives to the aforementioned bulky sweater is a fitted turtleneck. Get one in a neutral colour and it will pair nicely with almost any outerwear piece. And the best news? All those nice, winter weight jackets are on sale right now. This is great because:

1)    As much as we all want summer to start immediately, there are likely a few more weeks of cold, crappy weather left. Swapping out your parka for a belted wool jacket or a faux fur vest will go a long way to keeping you warm and slightly less bummed out.

2)    You can get a few wears out of these pieces now and then pack them away looking almost brand new for next year!


I absolutely love this wool jacket with its faux fur collar. I bought it at Simons in the Fall and while it is sadly no longer in stock, I found a couple similar options here and here.  Some other amazing options are this one from Dynamite, this one from The Bay and this mixed-material beauty from Simons. If you want to get you hands on a faux fur vest this Nordstrom find is 50% off. Nordstrom is also having their seasonal sale right now and I recommend checking it out since a lot of their winter pieces are 40% off. I didn't want to post things that were only available in one size but you might strike gold. Stay warm, my friends! It will be summer before we know it.